Bizycorp PVT LTD is an organization in which we focus on providing our clients with innovative solutions and our employees with the opportunity to have a fulfilling work-from-home career. Our company has a proven track record of success that comes from our commitment to collaboration and respect. Throughout our multiple departments are teams of people with the common core values of diversity, passion, strength, and enthusiasm.

Our staff comes from countries all around the world, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Registered in Sri Lanka, Bizycorp PVT LTD is known by our diverse clients as Ekwa Marketing. By our team, we are recognized as fair, respectful, and encouraging of individual success. We offer outstanding compensation and staff entitlement at EPF/ETF.

What We Do

Bizycorp PVT LTD provides a variety of internet marketing and SEO services to a diverse clientele. Our primary areas of specialty include SEO optimization, internet and social media marketing for physicians and dentists throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.

We are proud of the many successes we have experienced since our company was developed. An example is a site for a Chicago dentist, www.bigsmiledental.com

In the time we have worked with Big Smile Dental, their site has climbed to new heights. Our teams created a targeted site design and developed more than 300 pages of informative content. The site has more than 20,000 links and now receives five-thousand plus new visitors each month.

Big Smile Dental is one of the top three sites for over 200 search terms and, as a result of concentrated effort by a skilled team, Dr. Siegel enjoys a thriving practice that sees 150 to 200 new patients each month.


What makes BizyCorp different


The founder of Bizycorp PVT LTD understood that the timing was ideal to take advantage of a truly global society in two ways. First, by utilizing the most current technologies to bring together staff with expertise in a number of critical areas – marketing, creative skills, administration, and (of course) information technologies. Second, by combining those skills to bring visibility and accessibility to clients through the world-wide-web.


That global vision allows Bizycorp PVT LTD to put the best people in each post, regardless of their localities. In an environment of mutual respect, we have amassed the collective talents of individuals from half a dozen countries over several continents. Our clients’ home bases range from the United States, to Canada, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Work from home.

We simply believe that our staff can “have it all” – rewarding careers with opportunity for education and growth, and a work-life balance. We make that equilibrium possible through shared technology and communication.


Planning, flexibility, and common values bring it all together. We have the right people, dedicated and well-suited to their jobs. That permits us to recognize the individuality of each customer and provide a satisfying client experience.

Connect with Us

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