What We Do

Bizycorp PVT LTD provides a variety of internet marketing and SEO services to a diverse clientele. Our primary areas of specialty include SEO optimization, internet and social media marketing for physicians and dentists throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.

We are proud of the many successes we have experienced since our company was developed. An example is a site for a Chicago dentist, www.bigsmiledental.com. In the time we have worked with Big Smile Dental, their site has climbed to new heights. Our teams created a targeted site design and developed more than 300 pages of informative content. The site has more than 20,000 links and now receives five-thousand plus new visitors each month. Big Smile Dental is one of the top three sites for over 200 search terms and, as a result of concentrated effort by a skilled team, Dr. Siegel enjoys a thriving practice that sees 150 to 200 new patients each month.

In addition to dental offices, Bizycorp PVT LTD provides a high level of service to law professionals, veterinarians, tax specialists, dermatologists, hair restoration and skin care clinics, chiropractors, vein specialists, plastic surgeons, and more.

As we help our clients, we also help ourselves. With a great deal of passion and expertise in the area of social marketing and SEO, we have built our own sites to a high level of success. To do this, we did not require venture capital or bank loans. We put our heads together and put in the work and from that has come a widespread team of work-from-home professionals that we could not be more proud of!

At Bizycorp PVT LTD, we believe that everyone should win: our clients, our stakeholders, our employees, and those who visit the many websites we create. If you are looking for a welcoming place to encourage your passion for excellence, we invite you to contact us about our work-from-home opportunities.

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